All breads are naturally leavened and slowly fermented to unlock the full flavor and health benefits of the delicious sustainably-grown grain we are fortunate to have in Maine, thanks to an increasing number of growers and millers.  


All grain is currently sourced from Maine Grains, a stone grist mill in skowhegan that sources only non-gmo and sustainably-grown grain, or is purchased directly from farmers for in-house milling. 

Stone milling slowly grinds grain at a cool temperature, preserving the natural oils and mineral content of the grain and resulting in a more nutrient-dense and flavorful flour.

Natural leavening and slow fermentation break down starches and gluten into amino acids, making bread more nutritious and digestible, with an excellent keeping quality.


Every opportunity is taken to produce a delicious and healthful product ☾ 


current offerings:


Country Sourdough    -   a flavorful everyday bread made with 86% sifted wheat flour and fresh-milled organic rye, its crusty exterior and soft crumb are the perfect accompaniment to just about any meal.


20-hour Pumpernickel    -    a traditional german pumpernickel, this dense rye is packed with flavor from the slow caramelization of 100% organic Maine rye, organic sprouted rye, golden flax, and beer.  slow fermentation and slow caramelization yield an excellent keeping quality - up to months when refrigerated.


Nordic Rye    -    A traditional Nordic/Germanic rye made from 100% fresh-milled rye, sprouted rye berries, fresh-milled Blue Ox malted barley, and organic sunflower seeds, pepitas, and golden flax.  


Honey Oatmeal + Date    -    a comforting everyday bread made with 86% and 75% sifted wheat flour, cracked oats, and toasted wheat germ, lightly sweetened with swan's honey and organic dates.


Roasted Potato + Herb    -    a soft, delicious treat made with 75% sifted wheat flour and studded with roasted local Maine potatoes, roasted garlic, extra virgin olive oil and garden  herbs.


German Rye    -    a medium rye made with coarse and fine organic rye and 86% sifted wheat flour, balanced with a coating of crushed coriander seeds.


Anadama    -    A New England favorite - whole wheat with Songbird Farm Abenaki flint cornmeal and a touch of blackstrap molasses. Toasty, sweet and nourishing.


Smoked Potato + Sweet Onion    -     a seasonal take on the Roasted Potato bread, the potatoes are lightly smoked with maple wood and folded in with charred and caramelized sweet onions


Rustique    -    A soft Italian-style bread topped with seasonal produce and herbs


Red Fife    -    a delicious 100% whole wheat sandwich loaf made with organic heritage red fife wheat from Grange Corner Farm and a hint of Maine maple syrup


Seeded Wheat    -    a hearty, flavorful sandwich loaf made with Maine Grains sifted wheat and poppy, sesame, caraway, sunflower, pumpkin, and flax seeds